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Annie Armitage – Meet the Masters Speaker


How to be a successful photographer in business

Carrying on from my talk last year which was (on the secrets of becoming the business person first – photographer second) I would like to continue the theme around outsourcing and letting go of being emotionally attached to your images. How often have we seen talented photographers who have no business sense, and others who have successful photography businesses because they know how to tame the creative within?

As a mum at home for a number of years before setting up a photography business I had struggled with becoming a person of strength and authority in my new found career.  I want to share the advice and help that was given, enabling me to build a successful business from home while still having the priority of being a mother and a wife.

Areas I want to cover

Outsourcing of services

The team that aren’t PAYE, but enable you to do what you love – ie taking pictures and to have a life!

The retirement plan

Do you have a retirement plan?  I will discuss ways in which you can view your business differently and be excited by new opportunities and developments for the future.

Cash is king!

Key points to show how money attracts money and that there is so much more to a cash flow forecast.

Boost your productivity and your profit

Being organised in your physical working environment goes hand-in-hand with being organised with your time. Do you desire to have more confidence, clarity and control to steer your business?  Be armed with skills, habits and intuitive routines to keep you and your business running like a well-oiled machine.

The continued importance of your Brand

You don’t have to be big company to have a sophisticated brand which is aspirational to your clients – I will offer tips on what areas to concentrate on as a bench mark for you to be able to consistently deliver on your values.