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Belinda Buxton – Meet the Masters Day Speaker

Oh no!  What do I do?

First Aid and Making your Workspace Safe

Would you know what to do if a client became unwell or needed first aid?  This session is about making your workspace as safe as possible and being able to help your client in an emergency.


During this session Belinda will give you tips on how to check your workspace for hazards, cover an awareness of basic first aid for more common conditions and possible emergency situations and briefly touch on pregnant clients and what’s important to note from a safety and health point of view.


Belinda will demonstrate basic first aid which could make all the difference in an emergency situation.  You’ll get the chance to practice some of it too!  Not only will you feel more confident if you had to help but able to deal with an emergency situation which could be invaluable to not only your clients but your family and friends too.

The session will cover:-

  • Keeping your workspace safe
  • Some basic first aid skills
  • Safety for your pregnant clients