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Image By Stuart Wood FMPA
Image by Stuart Wood FMPA

Come and watch as awards images are judged

Members are invited to head office to sit in on the first round of the Print Judging for our awards.

This process is really insightful to anyone wanting to see how it all works behind the scenes, and have first hand knowledge of what elements of an image capture the judges attention and encourages them to mark a high score, and what can be the reason for lower scoring.

The Judging team will be made up of the following.

Chair Of Judges Peter Ellis FMPA
Christopher Bradbury FMPA
Dennis Orchard FSWPP
Steve Walton FMPA
Faye Yerbury FMPA
Roy Wooding FMPA
Su Kaye FMPA
Clare Louise FMPA
Paul Wilkinson FMPA (Judge in training)

There are only five judges at any one time, and judges are rotated to keep fresh minds throughout the day.

The whole process will be overseen by Jeremy Price, this years Trade Representative and recorded by Amanda Buckle Office Manager. The Trade Representatives role is to oversee the recording of the scores, acting as that extra pair of eyes to ensure everything has been recorded correctly and also to ensure transparency of our judging. They must also alert the Chair of Judges of a 12 point difference in judging. If this happens, the image will then be brought back to the table by the Chair and opened up for discussion. It can be a really interesting process to watch with plenty of passion in the air as judges push for images they love to get higher scores if they feel an images overall score is below what they believe should be awarded.

Once the first round has been completed, any members present will be asked to leave as judges then go through the second round of judging, where images will be brought back to the table and awards of excellence and category winners will be chosen.

Any one wishing to attend the open judging are invited to head office on September 7th, judging starts at 9am prompt. Please contact head office on 01325 356555 to let us know you are coming as spaces are limited.

We look forward to seeing you and can’t wait to get judging!