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Image Clare Louise FMPA
Image Clare Louise FMPA

Creativity Calls

WOW !!! Here it is 2016!! The new year always brings with it that opportunity to change our mind set and refocus. I can’t tell you how inspired I am feeling, with 366 new days (well 353 to be precise but you get my drift) ahead of us to fill, so we may complete another year of our lives. It certainly gets you thinking … What will you do with yours?


Whilst there are a lot of business goals to achieve, those personal goals will fill us with passion and fuel us to keep pushing ourselves through those times that are more challenging.


Personally, this year I am focussing on exploring all aspects of my creativity, setting myself some creative goals so I can unlock more potential that lives within me.


With the recent loss of David Bowie, whilst not one of my personal musical icons, he was certainly a creative influence, I was inspired by an article about how he lived, free to explore his creativity, unafraid to be labelled as different and not the norm, pushing his ‘self’ to his extremes, letting him ‘self’ go for all to see and cast judgment on without a care in the world. In doing so he explored his world with all of the possibilities that he saw within it, and whilst there’s no doubt he experienced some though times, unlocking his creativity gave him a life so many of us can only dream of.


Perhaps that’s something that we should do more often, do that one thing that we are afraid of what people might say if we do it, come to think of it, what would we do If we thought everyone would love ‘it’ whatever ‘it’ maybe?


Creativity is a desire, a desire that comes from within us. Desire is an invitation to explore, and if it comes from within us … It is our own invitation to explore all of who we are.


So if we take a leaf out of David Bowies book, put down our fears, pick up our desires and focus on our creativity … I wonder what 2016 will hold for us?


Have an amazing 2016 … May it be filled with more creativity that you knew possible.


Life lesson 111 : be aware of your thoughts and ideas, as you acknowledge desire, you inspire creativity


Clare Louise