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David Taylor FMPA
David Taylor FMPA

David Taylor FMPA

My interests in photography first began at the age of ten, like many photographers, experiencing films being processed, and, B&W prints being made under a red safelight in a bathroom converted into a darkroom, it was like magic, and I was hooked.

My lucky break came in 1964 when I applied for a position as a photographic assistant with Lubrizol Corporation an American Company and a world leading provider of speciality chemicals for the transportation, industrial and consumer markets. I have been very lucky to have made a career out of my passion for photography, using the best equipment in A1 facilities, and, got paid for it. There’s little wonder I’ve clocked up over 45 years employed at Lubrizol.

I attended Derby and District College of Art where the glamourous side of photography was always fashion and advertising photography, but it was the contrasts and diversities of Industrial and commercial photography that interested me most, and over the years I have traveled extensively in Europe and the World from northern Scandinavia to southern Spain, to Russia, India, China, Singapore, Japan, Australia, South Africa, the Americas North and South, for an ordinary humble bloke it’s just amassing, but photography is just amassing!

Lubrizol’s core business is to provide oil and fuel additive technology for the oil companies around the world, that requires a lot of hardware testing with engines, transmissions etc, so macro and technical photography with specialist lighting techniques are required as part of the test data. My work with Lubrizol has also taken me to all kinds of facilities, and test locations at all times of the year. Large & small docks and ports, to cities and remote towns shooting infrastructure, e g, ships, trucks, cars, off highway vehicles, electronics equipment, and laboratory apparatus in factories and workplaces. Working as a corporate photographer for an international company also includes studio, PR and corporate portrait photography although not an expert at portraits one has to become quite competent which has been a welcoming challenge. Being a member of both the MPA and the BIPP for over 30 years has been a huge benefit and continuing learning curve. Attending seminars, working with mentors, mixing with photographers talking about their speciality fields, like portraits, and passing on techniques and tips.

I have had many successes in winning awards in the national and regional print awards over the years, and being invited to join the judging teams for A&Q and National & International print awards in the mid nineties has and still is a great honour and privilege, I’m pleased I can give back a little something for what I’ve taken out over the past years.

You cannot put a price on the value of being a member of the MPA & BIPP, I’ve been asked many times, by potential new members, whats in it for me, or, what will I get out of it, my initial answer, like anything in life, put nothing in to something and you will get nothing out. I have made many life long friends, with some very special people, and that doesn’t include my wife, now thats priceless.