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Deborah Selwood AMPA

Deborah Selwood – Meet the Masters Speaker

Concept to capture and everything in-between

In this class you will learn how to visualise, plan and capture creative fashion styled portraits.  You will learn how to find inspiration, how to plan and capture a creative shoot and techniques to retouch and polish your images.  There will be live demonstrations of a number different creative set ups and an overview of useful retouching techniques, ideas on how to use photoshop creatively to perfect and polish your final image.

The course isn’t just aimed at fashion photographers, it is ideal for portrait and wedding photographers too, especially if you want to explore fresh ideas for your personal portfolio and refreshing ideas to offer your clients.

Course Overview

Shoot planning

  • Finding inspiration
  • Building a creative team – essential members of your creative team
  • Styling on a budget/working with a stylist
  • Storyboarding and mood boards
  • Storytelling/themes
  • Recipes for winning images – essential ingredients for creating images with impact
  • Preparing a call sheet
  • Pre shoot preparations

Live Demo

  • Shooting demos for a number of styles and lighting variations
  • composition considerations
  • Room considerations, limitations and how to overcome room obstacles
  • Several different lighting techniques –  height, distance, modifiers, power settings, metering
  • Posing ideas
  • prop ideas
  • custom background ideas
  • Exploring creativity
  • live tethering – why this can be useful

Post Production

  • File handing workflow
  • Lightroom/camera raw conversions
  • Retouch overview and workflow for non destructive editing
  • useful plugins for speed retouching
  • quick action to blend harsh lighting transitions and skin imperfections
  • overview on colour theory