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Driven By The Desire To Move Away From Predictable – Stu Williamson FMPA – UK Photographer of the Year

Masterclass Monday

October 9th 2017

11am – 1pm

Hinkley Island Hotel


LE10 3JA

Only £19.00


“Driven by the desire to move away from the predictable”
Stu will share an AV show of how I started to where I am now, which will include a collection of Modern Family portraits from current shoots. Followed by a live shoot and lighting demonstration using the New 21st Century Tri-Flector with a model.
Stu will then help photographers realise their potential with …Art and the individual photographer in a thought provoking session where he will cover :
A. Who are you?
B. What type of photographer are you?
C. Where are you going?
D.Where have you been?
E. Where do you want to be?
F. What drives you?
G. When photography just isn’t enough?
H. Surviving in a sea of photographic adversity.

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