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Erich Caparas FMPA

The princess and her six suitors. The princess lives between two continents with suitors from both sides: the eastern tribe and the western tribe.


Presenting The Princess

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Princess Shekie is a very modern princess. She is loved by her family, admired by her people, and worshiped by many. Her colorful personality is matched only by her creative flair and impeccable taste for fashion. She glows and she gleams wherever she goes but she’s lonely. Often she is seen reflecting on her life and daydreaming about her future. She has come of age and is ready to embark on the next chapter in her life. She has to choose a mate for life. The day has come to present her to her suitors.

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The King, the Herder, and the Lover. Each one possessing the qualities of a future leader, these suitors have travelled far and prepared well for this day. King is the young king with no queen and spends most of his time working to chisel his body. Verge is the oldest son of a herder whose father is a herder and so is his father before him. Verge will continue his family’s legacy. Vin is a soft-spoken intellectual who loves to write and document the history of their tribe. Vin may not be able to offer expensive gifts to the princess but he makes up for it with his wits and charm.

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Likewise, the east is matched by an equally able western counter part. Presenting Dada, Bobi, and Hamid. These men are fierce. Being on the west side exposes these men to harsh climate and wilderness. Dada, the best candidate of the tribe, is a leader and a hunter. His Tiger marking is for courage. Bobi is a son of a shipwrecked merchant. Raised by the tribe, he has proven himself a worthy candidate for the princess’ hand in marriage. Hamid is Dada’s brother and is just as cunning and fierce as his brother. Not to be outdone, he is painted with the markings of a leopard, an equally smart, cautious, and calculating cat.

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As the princess laments on a very difficult decision, the tribesmen square off on an intimidation match. What to do, the princess sighs? Decisions, decisions. Oh what a headache. It is getting dark. Few more days and she must make the tough decision.

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Thus the princess spends the next two days deciding for a suitable mate. And for two days she has six suitors at her feet willing to do anything to win her acceptance. As soon as she decides, a ceremony will be held, followed by more festivities. But for now, she has the luxury of choice but not time.

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The princess has reached a decision! Well, almost. She has narrowed down the selection to two men. One from each tribe. Vin, from the eastern tribe and Dada, from the western tribe. And so, the ceremony continues as each and everyone is readied for the ceremonial attire. Impressive show of colors and ornaments. And each suitor is taking one last time to make an impression.

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The lover or the hunter? Both very eligible. A tough decision indeed. With a rather unorthodox tribal tie- breaker, the princess takes his suitors for a ride to test their patience, obedience, and endurance. The hunter wins easily. Had it been a test of wits, Vin may have won. But for now… Dada wins.


This experience has been very fulfilling. I learned a lot. I became more detail oriented than ever before. I do extensive research and preparation now for my shoots. I will say it’s been good and bad. Good, in the sense that it made me a perfectionist. Bad: because it made me a perfectionist. Nothing wrong with that really, except that, now, I find my own work not being good enough for me. Therefore, in a way, I lost having fun in photography. And the very reason I am into photography: to have fun. So after this qualification, I will try to forgive myself if my work is less than perfect as long as I have fun doing it. I hope I can share this with others who share the same sentiment as I do. As they say during my time: If it’s too perfect; it ain’t rock n’ roll!

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

Erich Caparas FMPA

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