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Featured Photographer James Musselwhite FMPA

Featured Photographer James Musselwhite FMPA

It’s almost a year ago now that James Musselwhite captured the minds of the qualification team with his utterly brilliant fellowship submission ‘Portrait of a Wrestler’. James was awarded a Fellowship and the use of the designatory letters FMPA. So stunning was his panel, he went on to receive the coveted title ‘Fellowship Photographer of the Year’ at our annual awards, A Celebration of Mastery.

James’s beautifully written insight for the Judges was admired alongside his image making.

Wrestlers by their nature are performers… natural show people. Having seen photography projects on Uk wrestling in the past, characters are taken and stripped back to reveal the person behind the mask, draw a stark, vacant and soulless portrait…

I didn’t want to do that.
In daily life we all put on a front. But what these portrait represent isn’t a front.

They represent the heart and soul of there athletes, with the volume turned all they way up to eleven. It’s a celebration of the Renaissance of Uk wrestling and the people who dare to live life with a mask.”

– James Musslewhite

We loved being drawn into James’s work, and look forward to watching him as he continues to shine as one of the great inspirations in portrait photography today.

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