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‘Femininity Comes From Within’ – An exhibition by Julia Holland AMPA

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Julia Holland AMPA has been busily working on a collection of images which were showcased at The House Of Commons 12th – 14th October 2015.

Julia’s moving collection of images, called “Femininity Comes from Within’ celebrates the empowerment of 50 women who have all faced the journey of breast cancer. Her beautifully crafted images show a sensitivity that embraces the strength and vulnerability of each of her sitters.

The women, whose ages range from their thirties to their seventies, have all faced different experiences coming together through the Keeping Abreast Organisation that was born in Norfolk, Julia’s home town, which has now spread to other areas of the country.

Alongside each portrait, are each of the women’s recollection of their experiences and how they feel, each very personal, some laden with emotion with many grateful to family, friends and surgeons. All of them are powerful reflections of a journey through cancer and breast reconstruction.

Julia has supported Keeping Abreast for many years, which drove her to record this beautiful collection, which has taken 2 years to complete.

Wrapped in pink, Julia photographs the women in a classical style portrait, all posing showing their breasts after reconstruction or before it has been completed, all have had breast cancer or preventative mastectomies.

Julia said of her sitters “some were absolutely terrified, but they were still brave enough to come and be photographed because they wanted to make a difference.”

Julia hopes to raise awareness for women whose psychological journey is as powerful as the physical journey of cancer, supporting them as they face the emotional challenges that undoubtedly come as they lose their breasts.

‘Femininity Comes From Within’ is a collection of images that empowers women, reminding us all that a woman’s beauty is far from skin deep.

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The exhibition is currently at Gloucester Royal Hospital, Royal Liverpool w/c 2nd November, Brighton w/c 16th and then Royal Derby end of Nov. Then will be reviewed with the charity for dates in 2016! For more information visit www.juliaholland.co.uk