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Image By Clare Louise FMPA
Image by Clare Louise FMPA


These last couple of weeks have flown by. Having caught up now from the awards, in both work load and rest, we have definitely used that buzz of positivity to springboard us into our next project. Our focus over these next couple of months in the office is streamlining our internal processes and systems, (remember there are only three of us!) re-working our marketing literature to provide better information for prospective and new members, and increasing the quality and quantity of information on our new website so we can better serve those already with us.

It’s been an absolute pleasure refreshing the pages with new images from our awards entrants, being absorbed in all your creativity has sparked of a flurry of inspiration here at HO as we put all the new website and marketing content together. It’s all starting to come together beautifully, and what seemed like a mammoth task a little over a month ago, is today feeling like a whirl of excitement as one page after another starts to come together and the bigger picture starts to form.

I had the pleasure of attending our Chair of the Board Paul Wilkinson’s book launch last week and find it so inspiring that we are lucky enough to be surrounded by so many members who have so much knowledge to share, and are bold enough to get out there and follow their passion down what ever road it may take them.

Over the coming months we will be contacting you all with requests for a number of different things as we begin to pull together information to build a training directory for members in a multitude of areas. So for those of you who have knowledge to share and want to be involved in our next project, start thinking ahead about what service it is you have to offer others, your rates, your message, and look out for the email requesting that content and an example of how our trainers profile’s will look too.

As always, we are also looking for new mentors to help guide members on the next step of their qualification journey and we will be calling out for new mentors too. So if you have 15 hours or more a year to spare, are passionate about giving back and are an Associate member and above, we would LOVE to hear from you.

I am a huge believer in expanding our knowledge and sharing what we learn, and loved being a part of the recent Photovision Roadshow at Epsom this last week. It’s a great opportunity to meet people, new members, current members, the trade, and in an all to often lonely business as a professional photographer, it’s events like these that gives us all that all important boost of positivity and squashes that all to common feeling of being alone as we are surrounded by like minded people whose vision is to learn and grow.

We are so often caught up in a whirlwind of busy that it can often feel there is no time to breath. So as we move forward with the next step of our longterm vision, I am reminded of a small lesson that pushes productivity up to a whole new level.

‘Life Lesson Number 152 : Break down the big steps into baby steps … be disciplined to focus solely on the step you are taking and smile as you take each new step in your stride’

Have a great weekend and remember to have as much fun as you can with every step of your journey!

Clare Louise