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Get The Posing Right In The Camera by Peter Ellis FMPA

Masterclass Monday

October 9th 2017

11am – 1pm

Hinkley Island Hotel


LE10 3JA

Only £19.00


At the MPA Conference in October there will be many chances for you to improve your photography, with new lighting, new ways of getting that image, new props, cameras and plenty of other things for you to spend your hard earned money on.

However, if the posing is not right all the other things you have learnt or purchased will not fall into place.

Photography is subject to all sorts of ‘rules’, and while many of them have been thrown out now there are still a few that are worth considering getting you started and prevent unflattering images.

Posing is one of the main parts of any image, if the pose is too stiff or just wrong for your subject, then the best lighting, props or surroundings in the world are not going to help.  You have to get the basics right before you can improve.  Let say you have Miss World or Mr. Universe standing in front of you.  You decide that you are going to light them, using flash or your new studio lights, what ever you get all the lighting right and you have checked around to make sure that there is nothing in the background, clean up and then your are ready to start how are you going to pose either of them that shows off the best features of your subject. So they are stand there looking right at the camera with their feet flat on the floor and arms crossed. How do you get across to them what you want them to do? Can you show them what you are looking for? No, then lets get together and I will show you on location how to get the images you are looking for. We can tackle individual, groups, couples and close up’s, how to make one pose into 4 or 5 excellent images.

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