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Interview with a winner – Anthony Rew LMPA – Entering awards

 1. What is the ‘one’ piece of advice you would share with anyone entering awards?Enter the images you feel create a story, produce atmosphere & evoke emotion. Try to create something that stirs something up inside, for the people viewing your image.

2. How did it feel winning your award(s) – what is your lasting memory?

Just the complete surprise, disbelief, sense of achievement, pride & motivation. In fact so many emotions, I can’t even begin to document. I still can’t believe it now if I’m completely honest & it was one of the best feelings of my life.

3. What did success look like for you?

More photography clients, including more international motorsport work from F1 to WEC & more commercial work.

4. What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses and how has entering awards helped you in those areas?

My strength is a never give up attitude, even when some people try to knock you down, just get back up & come back even stronger. Entering & winning the Press, PR & Events Final at the MPA awards in 2016 gave me a huge boost in confidence, which if I’m honest I really needed. I really lacked confidence in my work.

5. If we are sat here a year from now celebrating your success … what did you achieve?

Making my Family proud, especially my Wife & Children, they mean the world to me, this means everything.


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