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Interview with a winner – Johnson Wee FMPA – Entering awards

1. What is the ‘one’ piece of advice you would share with anyone entering awards?
Images you enter into awards, must not only be unique in your own eyes. Try submitting something that not only is beautiful and never done before, but also connects to the judges/viewers and also relates to their own lives and stories, cultures, history, that will give a tremendous amount of impact!
2. How did it feel winning your award(s) – what is your lasting memory?
It was very memorable and meaningful for me, as I come from a photography family, but have never been associated or trained by my family in any way, my mum has paved this photography journey for me. It is equally important so submit your best images of the year, and compete with the best in the world, so you know how much you have improved or slacked, whether you have made use of the year and kept your creative juices flowing. Even the slightest accolade will prove that you have grown, soon transforming into a wonderful artist.
3. What did success look like for you?
Success is something sweet and glorious but temporary and fleeting, as it is with all good things, they never last. I strongly suggest not to get over hyped with success, and always bear in mind, to create something better than previous year and never be too over confident. Otherwise, it will be difficult to compete with the rest, as competition is getting harder and harder each year.
4. What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses and how has entering awards helped you in those areas?
Entering the awards has always been a motivational cylinder, on the up side, I have always been a competitive person. However, I know myself well and that I do not have huge talents for photography as it is with art related. I remember first year I entered the awards, after I won 4 big awards at WPPI, I was probably over cloud 9 and too confident, and after at the Awards I won the Associate Panel of The Year and also Fashion & Beauty, it didn’t make me fully contented, thus the following year I worked 200% harder to achieve my dream because the overseas POTY has always been something I have yearned for. Therefore I believe that entering the awards has taught me to push myself harder, persevere and work hard, this is what have pushed me thus far.
5. If we are sat here a year from now celebrating your success … what did you achieve?
 I am glad to say that I have managed to contribute to the awards every year with my work, making it a little different, diverse and more competitive. However, I have still a long way to go, and I would definitely love to, in the future,  contribute to the Association and also give back our industry, following the likes of the seniors in our family.


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