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John Stoddart Celebrity Photographer

He’s photographed some of the most high profile celebrities around the world over the last 25 years, with an uncanny ability to see inside and capture the very essence of his subjects, Johns images have captured the souls of the famous, the infamous and the unknown with an equal reverence that can only be admired.

This month, John’s Tilda Swinton image adorns the cover of our September Edition of Master Photography, with an eight page spread showcasing some of his archive, also featuring Monograph Five of The Quite Delightful Project, ‘Portraits & Polariods’

As the guest of Honour at our International Photography Awards later this year, John will also be attending the Meet The Masters Open Day, where he will be interviewed about his journey as a celebrity photographer. He shares the memoirs of his favourite images, recounting each story as if it were yesterday,  openly shares his frustrations and struggles as a freelance photographer and chats through where the next chapter of his colourful life behind the lens is taking him.

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John Stoddart www.johnstoddart.co.uk

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