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Looking for help with your branding ?



Hi I’m Christa Atwood, a Marketer. Over the coming months I will be helping members of the MPA with some very useful tips and ideas to help you get more from your business on a daily basis… What do you promise your customers? I promise to keep mine.

My speciality is your logo and branding, so I provide you with an identity that is unique to you and only you. I have been in business for over 15 years, directly involved with businesses and corporates looking for that one thing; Uniqueness.

My marketing experince over the years has left me doing the things I feel most passionate about and so here I am.

Are you a new, up-and-coming business requiring support establishing yourself as a successful and respected professional? or perhaps more experienced and looking for new angle and increased profitability?

Are you familiar with that awkard moment when you are asked ‘ What is it you do?’ and you answer ‘I am a photographer’. Do you have their attention? Will you be remembered? Did you stand out for them? Maybe you should say ‘I create memories that last a lifetime.’ This will get the exact reaction you need to start that all important conversation.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Send me your questions regarding logo, branding and any marketing issues that you would like to raise over the coming months. I will be available, and based on your questions, I will tailor the responses to be helpful to you.

I am currently running a Mentoring for Success programme which is based on a book by Dr John Potter, bestselling, self-help book on the market for everyone.

Email me on christa@jrpotterglobal.com Also check the website for future dates. www.jrpotterglobal.com not one to be missed if you want to improve yourself and be at the edge of success.

I really look forward to hearing from you.