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Mark Bailey LMPA – an insight in to Cherubs Portrait from our top Cherubs Partner.

So where do I begin?…..

We stumbled upon the Cherubs programme at Focus around 5 / 6 years ago – the stand was tiny, the old guy on there didn’t seem too interested to sign me up and couldn’t tell me how many leads I should get each month. We walked away not signing up.

We opened our first studio with just 3 sessions booked in and no idea how or where our regular work would come from, however was still thinking about Cherubs. With my marketing and sales background, I’d had experience with mailings before and knew that the results can be quite good if done right. With this in mind we made the call and took 3 post codes at first – to see how it would do. I remember in my old job, the saying was “if you get 5 bookings from 100 letters, then you can pretty much get 50 bookings from 1000 letters” So we decided to take on a couple of post codes and try different offers to see what we could get…. long story short, and a lot of hard work, we now get 4 -6 % uptake from each of our mailings, 1st, 2nd and 3rd letters, giving us about 15% total uptake over the 3 letters.

Once we got there, we then took on all postcode within a 30 min radius of our studio, knowing the more leads we had the more bookings we had.

Getting there does take some hard work though – thats why its called work!


We split test all our letters – 15% is good but 16% is better….


We hand write all our address labels – takes foreeeeever but gives a much better response rate – every little helps!


Each letter get a high gloss flyer with images and map of our where we are – again gives us a greater uptake.


We offer Cherubs for FREE! – I know this doesn’t sit well with a lot of people, but we know our numbers and monitor everything – with the offers we have we get an average sale of £326 per FREE cherubs customer through the door – 2 out of 3 buy from us, the 3rd is a freebie seeker which is fine, we make sure the customer service is high so they send us two friends who will buy 🙂 We did charge at one point, but uptake dropped right off. The average sale went up, but figures did not come close to what we get when free.


£1000 prize up for grabs! This works great for us in the sales room – we put this prize up ourselves and use it to get them to chose what they think will win, not their favourite – increases the chance they will then buy their favourite.


We act on our leads straight away – not everyone does this and I know some even split there leads into age of child then send out at certain times when child is older. This is something which we don’t currently do but is in the pipeline for us to try – we do good but by no means know everything and I’m sure there loads more that we can do to increase our uptake.


So what’s the plan for this month?


Well – we now have 3 studios – all Cherubs! – and we’ve just had our biggest batch of leads through every – a whopping 1898 cherub leads – AWESOME! More leads = More bookings = More Sales 🙂


Step one – Split leads between each studio, import into Lightblue, print off address sheets ready for step three….

Step two – Mail merge our letters – using our winning letter from last month and new letter for this month…

Step three – While letters are printing – start hand writing addresses onto envelopes…

Step four – Insert flyers and letters into envelopes and post post post!


That’s it, it’s not rocket science, the key is to monitor what you’ve done, and make sure you have a procedure in place to act on leads straight away. Once our letters drop we get a very consistent response:


Day one – Post letters – 2nd class

Day two – a few calls come through from those letters which have landed early

Day three – Major bulk of calls come through – phones are very busy!

Day four – number of calls drop off, more than day two but not as much as day three

Day five – mailing pretty much done – a call or two a day now for the next week but we have an idea of how the mailing has done now.


We try to shoot and view as many sessions as we can as we get the best results with sales – not every one buys but we do see an increase – best chance as they are still caught up in the moment.


This is probably nothing new, and for many a lesson on how to suck eggs, but for us Cherubs works, and with it we wouldn’t be here.


Mark Bailey LMPA