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New Reciprocal WPPI Deal


MPA has announced a renewed partnership with US-based Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) that will allow current MPA members to become members of WPPI free of charge.
This partnership will allow hundreds of photographers to reap the benefits of WPPI membership such as WPPI Certification, conference and contest discounts and the opportunity to engage with an even larger number of international photographers. Other benefits WPPI members will enjoy include:
*WPPI Certification – an online, educational certificate program, exclusively for wedding and portrait photographers
*Photo District News (PDN) and RangeFinder magazines in digital format
*WPPI’s Honors of Excellence Programme
*Discounts to all PDN, WPPI and RF Contests
*Discounts to WPPI and PhotoPlus Conferences and Expos

WPPI’s Jason Groupp stated: “We are so proud that we are further intensifying our relationship with the MPA. This partnership is a milestone in our progress to cultivating photographic communities, both locally and on an international level. WPPI is committed to the values of education, progress, and community and with this new venture we hope to con- tinue building upon the benefits we offer our members.”
Clare Louise, MPA CEO, added: “MPA is thrilled to be exchanging benefits to members of both organizations, and look forward to building on the synergy between us. The exposure to our qualifications disciplines will be of additional value to all, further deepening the Association’s commitment to raising the standards of professional photography globally. The added value to members of both WPPI and The MPA to enter additional international photographic image competitions of such high calibre will give both organisations’ members the chance to gain international recognition for their work.”
The period of complimentary membership will run in con- junction with MPA membership enrolment.
Members are encouraged to register immediately here.
Non-members are encouraged to become MPA members to capitalize on the newly formed union between these two industry-leading organisations.