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Image By Melanie East AMPA
Image by Melanie East AMPA

Newborn Seminar with Melanie East AMPA

The day will consist of the following:- 
Preparing the parents and managing the parents’ expectations. The psychological aspect of a newborn photography session is huge, and many photographers do not realise that the parents are usually very very tired and emotional – and to some extent it is necessary to step on eggshells while still ensuring that you control the session.

How to set up for the session.  

Working with textures, tones and colours. 

Shooting to sell.

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Composites and when to use them.
Safe use of props.
How to pose baby safely at all times.

How to wrap a newborn baby neatly and effectively. 
Lighting using strobes – teaching using one simple lighting set up.  So many photographers are terrified of strobes for newborns and it really doesn’t need to be anything too complicated.
Learning to recognise lighting patterns.

Baby on beanbag – to cover the following poses:
1. Simple “bottom up” pose.
2. Taco and semi taco. Plus wrapped taco
3. Side lying pose
4. Wrapped side lying pose.
5. Head on hands/arms pose with assistant support for safety.

In props:
1. Baby on log with assistant support for safety,
2. Baby on posing stool with assistant support for safety
3. Baby in bowl lying on back.

In all of the above poses, delegates will be shown the best angle from which to photograph and to gain the maximum amount of images without over-shooting to produce a gallery for the parents of around 25 – 40 highly saleable images.
This event is observational ONLY, Lighting set ups will be photographed on the day and supplied to MPA members after the event

Please bring plenty of paper so you can make notes.


all day at the Island Hotel Hinckley for Just £120 plus VAT

Limited numbers only 25 spaces availaible

Contact membership@thempa.com or call 01325 356555 to secure your place today.