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Niki Bamber Cherubs Testimonial 1

So here I am at the end of 2015 in a very different position from when I started. Not exactly a new kid on the block, I’ve been photographing on and off for 20 years, self employed for 5 specializing in family portraiture.

In January this year, I went to my first trade show. Having gone to three of Ray Lowe Courses (I’ll be honest, I did use his Groupon Voucher) I was sat in the audience of his Cherubs lecture at the SWPP in London. He spotted me in the audience and in true Uncle Ray style, fired a few questions at me assuming I was already a Cherubs partner. I actually wasn’t and got the questions wrong. I spoke to him afterwards and realized the only thing wrong was that I hadn’t in fact joined up, as Ray eloquently pointed out to me!

I attended the Cherubs roadshow in Orpington later in the spring and before I knew it I had taken plunge. At first, I faffed around, wasted the leads and got in a right old state about what I had signed up for. I was ringing Sam at the MPA regularly until one day it clicked!!

In May an opportunity came up to rent a small space as a studio. After two months of renovation, I was basically a studio owner!!

I launched officially in October after practicing in the space and building my confidence. I had built up a good local reputation with the school work and portrait work, I have had the most amazing support from local people. The local newspaper coverage was great too.

I’ve not stopped since. I actually taken more money in the last three months than I have in the whole of the last year.

Cherubs has launched my business and next year I am going to fine tune it and invest in more training courses. I’m aiming for £50k turnover by the time for I’m 50 years old. I’m very excited.

I’m planning to visit other Cherub studios to learn, and take my Licensatship panel in March 2016