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As A Great Believer In Continuous Creative Development, Paul Is Currently Undergoing Mentoring Sessions From His Cat. So Far, He's Learned How To Find The Warmest Spot In The House, Which Person Is Likely To Feed Him On Demand, And How To Stare At People Intently With A Look Of Utter Disdain.  There's A Lot More Work To Do As "purr"fection Takes Many Years To Achieve.
As a great believer in continuous creative development, Paul is currently undergoing mentoring sessions from his cat. So far, he's learned how to find the warmest spot in the house, which person is likely to feed him on demand, and how to stare at people intently with a look of utter disdain. There's a lot more work to do as "purr"fection takes many years to achieve.

Paul Cooper Hon FMPA – Chair of Qualifications

Paul Cooper Hon FMPA FBIPP QEP – Helping our members succeed 
Since founding his own photography business in 1995 Paul has gained many awards – including the top accolades of UK Photographer of the Year from the Master Photographer’s Association AND from the British Institute of Professional Photography. 

Paul has served as the Commercial Sector Chairman of the MPA/BIPP’s qualification team and has previously received a Presidential Award from the MPA for his services to the Photographic Industry. As a result his work is marketed worldwide and he is in regular demand as a photographic speaker and judge both in the UK and internationally. 

Paul shoots commercial images for advertising and packaging, press and PR images for the newspaper and magazine industry, and lots of ‘people’ shots: Fashion shoots, corporate portraits, and family groups are all undertaken with the same flair and creativity that stems from Paul’s passion for photography.

In 2011/2012, Paul was elected National President for the Master Photographer’s Association – a title that he was honoured to receive. Currently, Paul is the MPA’s Chairman of Qualifications for Associate and Fellowship submissions. Paul’s dry humour and direct approach is an asset to the team, Paul can often be found breaking an intense moment with a his sharp wit. With all his experience, passion and dedication to the MPA in his role as Chairman of Qualifications Paul will be working on new criteria for qualifications, as the association forges the way for a recognised Newborn Qualification and Health & Safety Certification.