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Recognised as a benchmark of excellence across the world the Master Photographers Association have three levels of qualifications, each reflecting increasing levels of experience, expertise, and achievement.

Licentiate (LMPA): Entry Level showing an established professional level of skill and competence.

Associate (AMPA): Denotes a high level of craftsmanship and individual creativity.

Fellowship (FMPA): Recognises distinguished individual ability and exceptional standards of excellence

We strongly recommend candidates seek guidance on preparing for their submission and offer a programme of mentoring aimed specifically at the level of qualification application with industry experts.

Category for qualification: Wedding, Portrait, Social, Commercial, General Practice, Fashion, Illustrative & Pictorial, Press and PR, Landscape, Architectural, Industrial, Fine Art, Events, Scientific, Medical, Forensic, Specialist.

Assessment dates are set throughout the year contact membership@thempa.com for more details.

Panel Submission Requirements

Composition, control and lighting of the subject
Sound technical competence

Composition, control and lighting of subject which will be assessed at a higher level
Evidence of individual style and creativity

Distinctive Style
Individual creative flair and originality
Excellence of craftsmanship

‘The first step of any journey begins with the vision of a destination’

Categories and Criteria


A panel of twenty images to be made up of the following : ten prints from one wedding showing a range of coverage and skills required during the wedding day, to include at least one group shot, and a registry signing shot. Ten prints from any other wedding. It is preferred that the panel consists of 8 different weddings, with a minimum of five different weddings making up a complete panel.


A panel of twenty images to be made up of the following : Five Prints are required from two portrait sessions showing a variety of work during each session. Ten additional images from any other session. It is preferred that the panel should contain images from 10 separate portrait sittings.


A panel of twenty images to be made up of the following : Five prints from one wedding plus an additional five from other weddings. Five prints from one portrait session plus five prints from any other session.It is preferred that the image selection range across 5 different weddings and five different portraits.


A panel of twenty images to be made up of the following : 9 images to be made up from 3 sessions. Each session to be made up of 3 images from each Cherub stage sitting ( 0-4 / 4-8 / 8-12months) showing a range of poses from babies first year. The rest of the panel is to be made up of variety of images taken during the Cherubs scheme and can include parent and baby images. It is preferred that the complete panel be made up of at least 9 different Cherubs sessions. To be submitted by Cherubs Partners only.

Commercial and Applied

This is an ‘umbrella’ category that encompasses many areas of ‘non-social’ photography, and has slightly differing requirements depending upon the discipline entered. As a guide, any photography that is commissioned by a business or public body would come under the category of ‘Commercial and Applied’. Disciplines such as Advertising, Industrial, Architectural, Sport, Press & PR, etc require a panel of 20 images showing a variety of commissioned work.

For categories such as Forensic, Medical or Scientific photography the requirements will differ as the work does not always lend itself to this method of presentation. Candidates in any of these categories should liaise with head office BEFORE making a submission to determine the exact requirements for their chosen discipline. The aim is to be inclusive for all areas of commercial and applied photography and create meaningful submission requirements that make sense within the candidate’s working environment.

In all commercial categories it is important to note the value of supporting evidence. This will ALWAYS be required and should include client briefs/ tearsheets where appropriate, and/or alternative images from the shoot to provide background information as to why things were handled in a particular fashion. For applied categories additional information may be supplied in the form of a dissertation / written evidence, supporting the image selection.

Applied submissions can only be made via a prior agreement with head office as individual categories will be assessed and criteria advised upon application.


FINE ART 20 images showing a collection of visual photographic art considered to have been created primarily for aesthetic purposes and judges for its beauty and meaningfulness. This work may be un commissioned.

ILLUSTRATIVE & PICTORIAL 20 images are required to show a variety of commissioned work or current images from a stock library. Supporting evidence of usage will be expected to be shown in the working profile, this can be made up of tear sheets, screen grabs of stock library presence, product placement records and any other reference to image use or potential use.