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Image By Clare Louise FMPA
Image By Clare Louise FMPA


December has come around so quickly again this year and Christmas will soon be here in what feels like the blink of an eye!

I don’t know about you but this time of year, whilst the busiest for most of us, is definitely the time to take the time to sit back and look over your shoulder.

We so often rush from one month to the other dealing with busy, dealing with urgent, dealing with lessons learnt that we forget to look back over our shoulder and see how far we have come, see if we ever reached the goals we set ourselves at the beginning of the year, celebrate our successes and document our lessons learnt so we can be more conscious of them moving forward.

We’ve been doing it here at Head Office, and whilst there is always so much to learn and achieve, there is also so much to celebrate. It’s a great exercise to do and offer’s real insight into your plan of action for the year ahead. Taking that time for reflection should be at the top of every business owners list of things to do. It’s not easy striving for success and those moments of celebration are exactly what will keep you energised for the road ahead, and as you look at your lessons learnt and successes, set your big goals for 2016 and start the plan to make them happen.

The biggest lesson I took away from this exercise, and one I hope you all take away too, is that you achieve so much more than you think you do, that you are a bigger step closer to the great dream you have set yourself than you think you are, and those lessons learnt are amazing guidelines you can’t do without, and by putting into practice those lessons, you help clear your path to your successful year ahead.

Whatever your goals are this coming year, wherever your vision takes you, however big your dreams, never give up, those moments of frustration, lessons learnt and the challenges you hit when working towards achieving those dreams, know that facing them will be the the breakthrough you need to push you through to the other side.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, may your celebrations be filled with much love and laughter and may 2016 bring you the belief in YOU that you can achieve great things and follow your dreams.

Clare Louise

Life lesson 425 … Believe in you, for all that you need is within you.