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Image By Clare Louise FMPA
Image by Clare Louise FMPA

Thank You

Wow what an amazing 4 days at The Photography Show, I don’t think we stopped from the minute the doors opened until we left the show. I don’t know about you but the sore feet, tired eyes and loss of voice was worth it!

I personally LOVE attending the shows, being a part of the electric atmosphere that is generated at them, meeting new faces and getting together with familiar faces of members and trade alike. This year was definitely our best year yet. We have signed up more new members than ever with a lot of prospects to follow up on too. We are certainly going to be extra busy these next few weeks and can’t wait to start helping our new members on their MPA journey.


The atmosphere on the stand was amazing, truly amazing, and I want to thank each and every member who came along to our stand and contributed to the positivity that flowed effortlessly through every day of the show. That atmosphere is without a doubt down to the energy, attitude and dedication of the members, directors and staff who gave everything they’d got to the time they had to gift us … and it was a gift. You brought with you a sense of community that our Association can be proud of and that sense of belonging that is so important, not just to The Association, but to all of the professional photographers out there who are looking meet like minded people to learn and grow from, THANK YOU.
Special Thank you’s to Marian & Daniella Sterea, Adam Alex, Iain Burton-Legge, Paul Inskip LMPA, Steve Howdle FMPA, Stephanie Thornton LMPA, Steve Walton FMPA, Alexandra Lord AMPA, Jules Hunter LMPA, Ray Lowe Hon FMPA, Henk Van Kooten Hon FMPA, Hoss Mohdavi FMPA, Desi Fontaine Hon FMPA, Paul Cooper Hon FMPA, Kate Cooper FMPA, Mike Ward AMPA, Lisa Visser FMPA, Jason Banbury LMPA, Lorna Banbury, Phil Paine LMPA, Frazer Visser LMPA & Gary Orgles who all helped man the stand over four days.

The stand itself looked magnificent, our display prints and beautiful new brochures were produced by The Print Foundry, and echoed the sense of professionalism, credibility and craftsmanship of the Association and its values, thank you. GraphiStudio’s new products showcased more of our members work in their latest products, and we were excited to see the newly launched GoBook filled with members work, resonating with the creativity and quality of our members imagery. But most of all … It was your work, your talent, your imagery that inspired our stand and allowed us all to stand there with such pride as photographers stopped in awe at the creative mastery that we have within our Association. Thank you to each and every one of you who take the journey to continually push yourself to explore your creativity, developing you, your skills and your photography to produce world class imagery, and of course, for sharing that imagery with us. We stand together, taller than ever before.


Qualifications was a huge success, with a 100% pass rate, Congratulations to all, you can read the full post on qualifications here.



Thank you to all the mentors who attended the show to share their knowledge with attendees as they seek guidance to improve. The standard of work we see coming through gets higher and higher as we grow. The time and knowledge you share freely with our members is greatly appreciated …Thank You.


Cherubs directors Ray Lowe Hon FMPA and Paul Inskip LMPA manned the stand, true to form with passion, dedication and their constant desire to help members grow their businesses. They were joined on the stand by Cherubs Partners Frazer Visser LMPA and Gary Orgles all sharing their passion for something they believe in, making a difference to photographers, Cherubs Partners and The association. The sense of community that has been built within Cherubs is something to be rivalled. This is all down to the Cherubs Partners and Directors who work relentlessly to provide positive support for one another, thank you for bringing that with you to the show, we look forward to welcoming some new Cherubs Partners to the fold soon.

The Association was busy this year with speakers at the show, all representing the MPA, and what an amazing collection of speakers we had, we kicked off the show on Sunday in full throttle at 5am with President Steve Walton FMPA taking 40 photographers out to shoot ‘Dawn over Pedigo Lake’ – there’s dedication for you ! Steve Howdle FMPA and Stephanie Thornton LPMA were the first of our members on the wedding & portrait stage talking on creative portraiture and how to move your work from ordinary to extraordinary, they were greeted by an amazing turn out, and as always shared knowledge, insight and inspiration. Richard Bradbury FMPA followed … if ever we are to learn and admire someone for thinking big this was it … Richard and his team set up and shot live (excuse the pun) one very ambitious session. Three balloons, an air rifle and lots of water, Richard demonstrated what can only be described as pure genius live on stage as he captured a number of images as an air rifle was fired at the water filled balloons. David Kilpatrick was at the sidelines reporting on the shoot, I am looking forward to his article in the magazine. If you haven’t already seen it –here’s a clip of the preview video of the shot he created on stage.


Marian Sterea made his way over from Romania to speak on weddings, demonstrating to photographers how to be creative in any environment, when you look at what he produced outside the doors of the NEC you can see why it was standing room only during his slot. Melanie East AMPA true to form shared and inspired so many with that amazing talent she has in the art of newborn photography, using the new stand in baby to demonstrate and share some hints and tips of safely posing newborn babies, lighting, and prop use, supplied by Click Props to produce stunning imagery, You can see a video clip here. I even got a chance to speak on creativity, a personal passion of mine and it felt great to be out there joining you all as a creative again.


Thank you to every member who stopped by to share their views with us, to encourage us, to say hello to us, to share their news with us … It’s so exciting to hear the amazing things everyone is getting up to, I am personally looking forward to hearing more about it all … In particular Jules Hunter LMPA, Jason Banbury LMPA and Stuart Wood FMPA.

My apologies if I didn’t get to see everyone who came to the stand and say hello and please forgive me if I’ve missed anyone off my thank you’s … I really hope I haven’t, there are so many of you who stopped by, rolled up your sleeves and mucked in when we were bursting at the seams with enquiries it was fabulous to see.

So as I sign off, I leave you with this quote by Winston Churchill : ‘We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give’ Thank You for giving.

Clare Louise