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The do and dont’s of business by Aspire Photography Training


So many of us are still feeling the warmth and excitement from the recent conventions and events in the industry, one of my most successful talks this season was a dedication to the do’s and don’t’s of business. So many photographers have been in touch since with regards to the impact of the presentation and how it has positively affected their their motivation, knowledge and confidence. You must thank all those for emailing in, as it is these members who have inspired me to share with you all an overview of what was covered.

My motive in generously sharing my secrets to success is based from my mission to support the development of your businesses too.  All businesses need a leader, make it your mantra to lead and steer your business and use your influence with a positive mindset and a good work ethic which will energise the business in the right direction. Have a ‘can do’ attitude, and make sure you ‘do do’ too. Be proactive, don’t over think situations too much, if in doubt do it!  Their are many aspects of running a business that can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable, learn to wear the business like a cloak, discover how to become comfortable with all aspects of the business.  Start by identifying the areas that dilute your confidence, and perhaps your mojo too.  I am a great believer in grasping the nettles of the business or any elements that rattle your faith.  Never lose sight of the fact that it is your business, your ship your show, your mission is to run the business, own it and gain the best from it too.  If you just do this you are now on the right road.

The must do’s for your photography are, never stop learning; push your boundaries; continually seek inspiration from a variety of sectors. Practice,  practice,  practice – get into the habit of evaluating your work,  enter awards and get a mentor.  Take control of the creative element within the business.  Never neglect your development or compare your self to others as it will not serve you well!

Marketing plays such an important role in the business – it will become the backbone of your success. Start by creating an exceptional brand, if unsure call me and I will certainly send you in the right direction. Be consistently visual in the market place it takes a great deal to be noticed, your mission is to be ‘found’ by those that are inspired by your work and style of business. Make collaborations become part of your marketing strategy – network, build a dream team and never lose sight of the long game, as you are building a business for now and for the future.  Utilise your marketing materials proactively, your business cards will not build your business from a drawer! You need to have your cards in your handbags (and man bags!)  Treat your portfolio as your treasure chest, so many don’t use their images enough to build their businesses.  Ensure you make marketing part of your daily routine never be tempted to do nothing. Don’t kid yourself that you’re marketing when you are not.  Social media is a method, but not the only method you have to get the mix right for you and right for your tribe.  Your mission is to attract the right tribe, then equally and confidently retail to that tribe too.  Building a sales department is vital, create expectations, set benchmarks and targets to reach the standard of living you deserve from owning a business.  Make a big commitment to sales, start with selecting the right sales tools for your style of photography and tribe, don’t delay your investment, as it is an investment! Clients buy what they see.  Your aim is to get your sales tools in front of your clients as much as possible from displaying your products on your website  -take a peek at One Vision’s White Label websites, they are an exceptional aid for a sales driven photography business.  Ensure your clients are as familiar with the process within your business, and your products and price point as possible – as this will have a remarkable impact on all you achieve.  Never be frightened of the sales process, embrace the whole concept of retailing your photography.  There is nothing nicer, than seeing your finished images on your client’s walls!

And finally remember to enjoy being in business x

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