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The Master Photography Awards


Enter the Master Photography Awards and as a successful winner you can gain publicity for your business in both the public sector and photographic industry. With sponsors such as Hasselblad, Epson and Fuji gain industry recognition of the highest calibre. Photographers are always looking for a competitive edge. Winning a prestigious award can be an effective way to raise your business profile.

Entering awards demonstrates continual personal development, winning awards drives you forward as a leader and forward thinking photographer with an abundance of PR potential.

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Why you should enter the MPA Awards

Peter Ellis Chair of Competition Judges

Recently I was asked “why should I enter this competition”? My answer was very simple,  as a photographer you will learn so much more about your style of photography and how to improve it. When you enter this competition you are being judged by some of the best photographers in the world. By entering the competition. the quality of your photography will improve beyond your wildest dreams. Your images will be assessed by a team of top class professionals who will score your work based on a number of well established judging guidelines used around the world. From these scores, good or bad, you will start to build  knowledge and improve your own personal style . The MPA’s international standing will enable you to gain huge Kudos and international recognition if you win a prize.

Use your imagination and be creative.  By all means look at other photographers work, take inspiration from them but don’t copy them. To win this competition you have to show the judges not only your photographic skill and artistic input but also you need to show them  you have an unique style.

It is simple, if you want to improve your photographic skills, gain international recognition and gain free national and international publicity, enter this competition

Jose Luis Guardia Vazquez

“Winning  a prize from the  MPA is undoubtedly one of the best experiences of my life. The gala, the atmosphere ,.the history of this association is amazing. It was very special for me to enjoy all this. The moment you hear your name as the winner is unique. Besides this I would add that MPA is one of the places that I think have some of the  best judges in the world also the scoring system is very fair.

MPA awards are really well known. This makes many people interested in your work.  National and international media echo the news  of your win so this is really good for your business.

Wining an  important competition always gives greater prestige. But in my case I do not participate for this. I do it just to improve. By just knowing how far I can get and above all, to have hope of winning . MPA is one of the best competitions in the world, and it is very gratifying to be part of it. Currently I have time without competitions for personal reasons, but after my up coming Talk, I will surely be encouraged to re-enter.

Thank you very much for everything!

Deborah Selwood

” I was so overjoyed to receive such a prestigious award, it was the first year I had dared to enter the national competition, I had absolutely no idea I would win anything, I was happy to enter the awards just to receive feedback to help me to grow and develop as a photographer.     I am very much driven by a hunger to learn and improve my photography hence the attraction to the Association and its ethos.”

Jason Banbury

“Winning the award was a complete shock – a very happy shock, I must say, and I felt both humble and proud to have received this accolade and recognition. Winning an award of this calibre is fantastic for my clientele and business.In the highly competitive market of children’s portraiture, which is the back bone of the studio work I create,  the award enhances expectation and confirms to clients that they are booking with a Photographer whose work has been recognised within the industry at the highest level”.

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