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Trainers Directory – Erich Caparas FMPA

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Erich Caparas

11618 Crest Creek Dr




United States

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  •  1:1 training




Email Address 3derich@gmail.com

Phone Number 813-679-0988




My name is Erich Caparas. I was born in the Philippines but grew up in Northern Virginia /Washington DC area. I have a degree in Economics and Engineering. Professionally, I worked as a graphics designer/photographer in Washington DC and New York. I started photography in 1977, back in the film days. I did all my film processing and darkroom work. I was lucky to be on the forefront of the digital age. I beta tested Photoshop and consulted with them when they introduced layers in 1993-94. Being on the cutting edge of technology gave me an opportunity to work with some of the best clients in the industry. Notable ones: National Geographic, Mobil, Smithsonian Institution, Discovery Channel, Victoria Secret, Ringling Brothers / Barnum and Bailey, Siegfried and Roy, and the White House. Yup, I did photo retouch for the first family Bill and Hillary Clinton. Also, include this link. My resume. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xc9dm3g8c096vs2/AAA2jdmhVx_FqOvAUTHJZeDna?dl=0


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Boudoir Portraiture

Fashion & Beauty

Photographic Technique & Skills

Creation & Control : Posing / Composition / Capturing The Moment / Styling / Concept Planning

Lighting : Direction / Control / Light Quality / Ambiance / Lighting Styles

Presentation : Aesthetic Impact / Story telling / Design

Post Production : Retouching / Colour balance / Print Quality / Paper Choice

Technical Competence : Camera Choice / Depth of Field / Exposure / Lens Choice

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“I have known Erich for many, many years and I consider him a phenomenal artist, a Master photographer and a great teacher. I continue to learn and be inspired by his work of art, great compositions, creativity, posing skills and definitely his Photoshop skills- simply amazing. He is very well published in magazines and yet unselfishly teaches his skills to many of us with 1:1 seminars, tutorials and he makes it simple and results are so dramatic.” – Doctor Ernie Uy, photographer and official doctor of the Miss Universe Pageant

“Erich is the consummate professional. He takes pride in attention to details and the final outcome is always within grasp of his visions. I’m fortunate to have learned from him.” – Gene Domingo, professional photographer

“Had an amazing 2 day workshop with Erich. Learnt loads about lighting, how to pose a model and studio technique. Then to photoshop where Erich really opens your eyes to what’s possible. You’ll learn all kinds of techniques, tricks and tips that will launch your photography and editing to new levels. I’ve met up with Erich many times since our workshop to shoot and the events are always full of talented and interesting people. After a workshop with Erich you’ll keep learning way after the course.” – Mark Pacey, professional photographer

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