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Image By Faye Yerbury FMPA - MPA National President 2014/15
Image by Faye Yerbury FMPA - MPA National President 2014/15

Trevor & Faye Yerbury Hon. FMPA



The Yerburys, renowned as art nude and international high society portrait photographers – and pretty much a household name in the UK – have now successfully raised their profile on the world stage with three more prestigious accolades.


With their mantelpieces already at breaking point with the weight of scores of key photo-awards gained over the past two decades, including coveted Kodak European Gold Awards and exclusive Portrait Photographer of the Year honours, the couple must now find room for more.


*At the 2014 industry-leading Societies Convention Annual Awards they gained a Lifetime Achievement Award from the photo-industry.

*In July they were awarded direct Fellowships from the Royal Photographic Society for ‘outstanding contributions’ to photography.

RPS President Derek Birch said: “This very special direct Fellowship honour is only ever given to individuals who have a national or international reputation.”

*Then, in October, Faye was elected as only the second female National President of the esteemed UK Master Photographers Association.

Said Trevor: “I think my great grandfather, who started this business back in 1864, would be reasonably content with the progress made over the past one and a half centuries!”


Added Faye: “I am absolutely thrilled with my appointment as National MPA President – it’s a very great honour – and I guess that infamous ‘glass ceiling’ for women has been breached yet again.”
The couple, who also run sell-out, standing room only, seminars and workshops both in the UK and abroad, have become well-known for highly original thought in the world of high quality portraiture.

Trevor was voted one of the world’s top ten photographers by a leading Spanish magazine four years ago, despite having once declared: “I won’t shoot any wedding if the bride isn’t beautiful.”

And Faye, who picked up a hat-trick of national wins at a key photographic convention in London in 2009, was named the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers’ Bridal Portrait Photographer of the Year with a highly unusual shot of the back of a bride.

In 2007 as part of a photographic commission for the Townhouse Group, the award-winning duo sourced over 250 iconic wall-art images from their own archives for each bedroom and suite in the Glasshouse boutique hotel in Edinburgh.