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Images By Jenny Heyworth Photography
Images by Jenny Heyworth Photography

Why Compare?

Ever felt like you can’t help comparing yourself to other photographers? Over the years I have had many conversations with photographers and often the same or similar traits come up, it is often all about confidence! Lack of confidence, ever confidence wavering or the habit of comparing oneself to others and not in a positive way either.

It can’t be compared to self harming, yet it is. It serves no purpose or contribution to your development and so many do it. Don’t get me wrong I believe in having heroes, I have a few my self, what I don’t do or recommend though is comparing the differences as you are you and they are them! I quest you this and for the benefit of the business stop stalking the websites of others, hovering over their social activity and take your eyes instead to your lot in life, concentrate on what you are doing and how you want to be in business instead. It will be far more motivating.

The best way to serve your business is TO serve it! Serve it with your imagination, your standards on how you would like to trade, your opinions on photography and finally your viewpoints on service. We can become too distracted by others and we end up taking our eye off our own ball. My father once said many many years ago ‘be the best you can be and nobody can ask for any more’. I have stood by that statement for over a decade. All I ever give to the industry is my best and the best I can be, and with my heart I do hope you expect no more! It was a rather reassuring method to follow and has kept me in check when the confidence wavered. Regardless of how successful you become, you will have moments of self doubt and within these moments remind yourself of the following:

1. What is it that client’s say about you and your work ?

Your clients are King! Their opinion matters, what do your clients say about you? What do they continually tell you in thank you cards, on Facebook and via emails? How are you praised? Start to believe it!

Jane Breakell our Bespoke Programme trainer often says ” don’t let anybody rock your faith” – this is such a great quote for our photographers, let it help you too.

2. Your business has approval

Look and review the awards you have won, accolades you and your business have received. These were given by experts, experts that know their stuff! Remember they are not given out like sweets from a shop you have to earn them! Step back and review what you have achieved and more importantly why and by whom.

3. How far you have come

If you are like me you will have an endless list of things to do and to achieve, which is primarily motivating but on the flip side the list can be a contributor to a forgetful mind. It is so easy to forget how far you have come. Never lose sight of the road you have travelled, what has influenced your success and again how far you have come. Remind yourself that if you have done it before you have all the skill and ability to do it again.

Can you sense now that you have no time to be comparing, you’re too busy on you, it’s all about you!

Wishing you well this month again, and if the demon of comparison gets the better of you simply pick up the phone and we will fix you on to the right road again X
By Catherine Connor